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Whit Babcock Issues Statement on Basketball Incident

From the initial article on the matter.

"Right now we are working to gather information and facts," said Babcock. "While we certainly don't want to rush to judgment and will allow for due process, we also want to strongly emphasize that we hold all of our student-athletes to a high standard for their behavior in the community. It is a privilege to play for and represent UC, it is not a right. We have made great strides in our program and this type situation is not what UC athletics is about or will be about. As of now, to my understanding, there are no charges filed, only accusations. We will next comment after we have had time to gather facts and our process moves along or is completed. We will invoke disciplinary action if any of our student-athletes acted in an inappropriate manner."

Stating the obvious if the charges filed and the rumors surrounding the incident wind up being true this will be the last act of some Bearcats. In the same vein Mike Schell the author of the story for Fox 19 went on Bill Cunningham's show today.

The latest is that there are four players involved. I have no idea if that was corroborated independently or simply following the line that the accuser has been pushing from the start. No names have been released as the investigation is ongoing. The other news is that shockingly underage drinking might have played a part. Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

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