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Cincinnati Bearcats 125 for 125 | #122 Nick Davila


How does a guy who played in 12 games with only 2 starts get a spot on the list of the 125 best slash most important players in the history of the Cincinnati program? Simple, you cause this to happen. Nick Davila only started two games for the Bearcats, but he sure made the most of his chances.

He was told only minutes before the game that he would be starting against the #7 ranked Scarket Knights of Rutgers in front of a national audience on Senior Night. Davila took the field, promptly fumbled his first snap ever as a collegiate starter and was effectively flawless for the duration of the game.

On that night Davila was 11 of 15 for 277 yards, that's a whopping average of 18.5 yards per attempt. Davila ran in the first score of the night and effectively put the game to bed with his pass on Brent Celek's epic rumble. Davila belongs on this list because of his role in the game that effectively put the Bearcats on the map for Football of all sports.

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