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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | #109 Don Goodman


Receiver | Letters 1982-83

For most Bearcat fans Don Goodman is just the father of Dominick Goodman. He is that, he's also a former Bearcat himself. Don didn't take a direct path to Clifton, far from it, but when he got to Cincinnati he left a mark. Before enrolling at UC Goodman played Football in Junior College and going back before then he joined the Marines for three years.

He got to Clifton and joined the program under Mike Gotfried for one season before he left for Kansas. After that Watson Brown came in. Gotfired favored a traditional offensive approach, Brown keep his options open playing wide open Football with his incoming JUCO QB Troy Bodine. In Brown's offense Goodman's role expanded. He was still a back by trade, but he had a bigger role in the passing game. He led the team that year in receptions with 51. Goodman also scored the second and final TD in the Bearcats epic win against defending National Champion Penn State.

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