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Beartcats Reach Into Uncharted Waters, Grab Dakota Cox Out Of Utah

Commitapalooza rolls on . In the past eight days Butch Jones and co have reeled in five different commitments, six if you want to include the addition of Jeff Luc today as well. The latest is Dakota Cox a 6'1" 220 pound linebacker from Draper, Utah of all places. As far as I can tell Cox is the first Bearcat to come from Utah in at least a decade, probably much, much longer.

Cox has great bloodlines. His father Tom is originally from Xenia and he has some family in the area which was obviously a help for the Bearcats. Tom went out west to USC for college and was a letter winner in 1984 and 85 for the Trojans.

His son is a very good athlete himself as the highlights after the jump show. Cox plays linebacker and tight end and looks like a solid athlete with a good frame. Cox camped with the Bearcats recently and fell in love with the campus and the program and committed soon after. The question for Butch and the boys is simple, who's next?

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