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Jeff Luc Enrolls At Cincinnati After Transferring From Florida State.


The former four star all everything linebacker from the class of 2010 has left Florida State and has enrolled at Cincinnati as of today. He will sit out the 2012 season and will have two years to play starting in 2013. This will obviously be a boon to line backing core for this year though. Simply having him in the meeting room and on the practice field will ratchet up the competition level a bit. Luc played in 11 games in 2011 and 8 in 2010 as a Freshman. The reported impetus behind the transfer was a lack of playing time with the Noles. And the transfer itself was a bit of a surprise to observers of the Florida State program.

Transfers are, in general, a hit and miss phenomenon. Sometimes it works out well for both player and school (Ben Mauk, Brandon Underwood, Alex Daniels) but just as often it winds up being a massive miss (Demetrius Jones and Dorian Davis.) It will be interesting to watch how this develops this year and next, but this could be a boon for Butch Jones and co.