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Bearcat Bits for June 15th

The Crosstown Shootout is moving downtown. Of course this isn't actual news. It was decided and reported weeks ago that this was happening. But now it is press conference official. What's unforgivable is that the name is being changed. Officially it will never be the Crosstown Shootout again. Henceforth it will be the Crosstown Classic. Because as we all know the real reason Yancy Gates punched Kenny Frease in the head is because the game was called a "shootout." It had nothing to do with Xavier fans behaving all the class and grace of Russian Soccer hooligans. Or the lack of control from the referees. Or Kenny Frease really deserving to get punched in the head. Nope. Yancy threw that punch because "Shootout" was in the name of the game.

There is other stuff in the press release but whatever, the name change is what bothered me.

Armon Binns path to this point hasn't been as expected but he is in good position to win a starting job with the Bengals. I always found it so strange that Binns didn't get picked in the 2011 draft. His game with his emphasis on being physical and out jumping smaller defensive backs is just what receivers do in the NFL. As much as it pains me to do it, (being a nominal Browns fan), I will root for Armon, just like I do for Haruki with the Ravens.

Et Cetera

the Big East blog set about ranking the Football facilities of current Big East schools and had UC's at 7. Drivel...a take on Mick Cronin's good start to the class of 2013....a local take on Dakota Cox's commitment...guess who had the most profitable athletic department in the country? Did you guess? You're wrong...NCAA deregulates texts, calls to basketball recruits. That's going to go well...Dabo be ballin ya'll...quick, everyone blame LeBron for the Heat winning....

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