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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 92 Bill Shalosky


Lineman | Letters 1950-52

Sid Gillman's teams were renowned for the new and novel approach to the passing game. His ideas of pairing the Quarterbacks drops with the receivers routes. But it being the 1950's the running game was still key. Bill Shalosky was the best linemen of Gillman's tenure as a Guard and led the way in the record setting running game.

Those Bearcat teams used a running back by committee approach so no indivigual back piled up stats. The most yards that any one back ran for during Shalosky's career was 539 yards, which isn't much at all relative to today's standards but was a respectable tally for the times. But it wasn't the yardage that made those teams good running the football, it was the frequency with which they beat defenses on the ground. In 1951 and 1952 the Bearcats had 63 rushing TD's alone including a then record 37 in 52, Shalosky's Senior year. That was also the season that Shalosky was named an honorable mention All American, the first Bearcats Offensive Linemen to be so honored.

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