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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 65 Jason Kelce


Offensive Line | Lettered 2007-10

The cliche is so apparent it borders on being redundant. I can give you some facts and the narrative that your mind crafts to encompass the facts is one that you have most likely heard a thousand times or more. Player does not receive a scholarship offer out of high school. Player endures a position change and comes to thrive in the new role. Player becomes one of the best linemen in school history.

Thats the Jason Kelce story, but it doesn't really do justice to his transformation. Kelce hadn't played offensive line since Junior high when Kelly suggested the move to him. In a game that has been transformed by titanic 300 pound men Kelce thrived because he was always the fastest man to the spot. In due course he played all three interior line positions and played them at a high level being twice named an all Big East performer. Its an oversimplifcation to say that Kelce is defines a UC player, an overlooked guy who comes to thrive against the odds. But its hard to ignore that the things that made Kelce overlooked in the first place, his lack of god given size for example, pushed him to succeed. The things that made him overlooked also made him into an outstanding player for UC.

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