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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 21 Brent Celek


Tight End | Letters 2003-06

The best Tight End in program history, and its really not that close. Celek played in two wildly different systems from the before its time spread offense of Rusty Burns to the pro set play action look favored by Mark Dantonio, though not exactly Don Treadwell (as Zac Dysert's 2011 stat line shows) and Celek excelled in both of them.

But it wasn't until the 2006 season that Celek really came into his own both as a play maker (481 yards) and as a safety valve for Dustin Grutza. That year he set career marks for receptions and yards. He owns career records for tight ends for catches (140), yards (1,135) and TD receptions (14) .But it isn't just the numbers that make the case for Celek, its simply the greatest catch and run in Bearcats history.

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