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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 54 Mike Wright


Defensive Line | Letters 2003-04

Meet the Jason Kelce of the Defensive Line. Mike Wright is a fantastic story for the program, one that can easily be held up as a symbolic centerpiece of the program. If you want him to be Wright is basically the Cincinnatus of Bearcats Football.

Wright is a Cincinnati guy who played his High School ball at Purcell Marian where he managed to garner all city and all state honors for the Cavaliers but not a ton of recruiting interest. He chose to go to Ashland University where he played for a year before transferring to UC and walking onto the team. He redshirted in 2001 and missed 2002 with a knee injury. He wasn't a starter coming out of camp in 2003 but had taken over the job by midseason and parlayed that into an excellent senior season playing opposite Trent Cole. Wright just wrapped up a 7 year stint with the Patriots. There are guys who have better numbers than Wright did for Cincinnati, but there aren't any better stories.

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