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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | #51 Deontey Kenner


Quarterback | Letters 1997-00

Pardon my French but Goddamn if Deontey Kenner wasn't exciting. Every time he dropped back you got the impression that something was happening. There was never any indication at the start of the play whether that something was going to be good or bad but it was definitely happening. On the whole Kenner deserves a spot near the top of this list because A) he is top 5 in basically every major statistical category they keep records on as far as quarterbacks are concerned. B) He has a bigger pelt on his wall (1999 Rose Bowl Champion Wisconsin) than anyone else on this list other than Nick Davill. And C) Deontey Kenner was just a joy to watch play Football. He saw the game in a unique way and played accordingly. It didn't always work, but it worked more than it failed and there should always be room in your life for the interesting.

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