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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 48 Angelo Craig


Defensive Line | Letters 2005-07

It is a common crutch when describing a player to cast them as one of two kinds of players. The slow, steady and consistant performed and the playmakers who never give the same effort down to down but always seem to come up with big plays. Angelo Craig is the later. Down to down he was never as consistent as his line mate Anthony Hoke, but he seemed to come up with more big plays than Hoke did, particularly during the 2007 season when he came up with big plays in the Syracuse and Rutgers games. Thats what I remember about Craig, he was the proverbial johnny on the spot on a deep and loaded defensive line for the Bearcats. His ranking might be inflated, and it might just be because what I remember doesn't line up with the stats. Still he deserves a spot on the list.

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