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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 46 Allen Harvin


Running Back | Letters 1978-82

By my reckoning Allen Harvin is the only Bearcat ever to letter five times. How this happened is something I have tried endlessly to figure out with no success. My best guess is that an injury cost him a season** but not a letter. Regardless Harvin is one of the five best backs in program history and he has the numbers to back it up. Only Reggie Taylor had more 100 yard games in a season than Harvin's 7.** Harvin would up with 12 100 yard games and top six rankings for rushing yardage (2,998), and all purpose yardage (3,663)

** My best guess for a season would be 1979 because the leading rusher that year James Bettis had just 343 yards

* His backfield mate/partner Bettis also had 7, though in 1981. Taylor had 8 in 1986

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