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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 45 Trevor Canfield


Offensive Line | Letters 2005-08

The process was very very rough, but the end result was deeply impressive. No I am not talking about learning how to talk to women or graduate college or something else. Its more about the transition from being a ground and pound lineman to a lineman built for the speed of the spread. And no linemen better personified that transformation under Brian Kelly than Trevor Canfield.

Canfield played, and played very well for Mark Dantonio at guard at around 330 pounds. He was the best lineman on that 2006 team as a Sophomore. But then Dantonio left and Kelly brought in his spread and shred and put his linemen on a diet. Canfield wound up losing 30 pounds and became a specimen, but the transition from a gap blocking scheme to a zone scheme was a big adjustment. Canfield was frequently called for holding penalties during that 2007 season. Still it didn't stop him from landing all Big East nods for a second year. But 2008 was when he really came into his own getting not only Big East accolades for the third year but he was also named 2nd team All America by the Associated Press. Canfield is easily the most decorated offensive linemen in UC history.

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