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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 37 Rick Minter


Head Coach | 1994-2003

One the one hand Rick Minter is the longest tenured and winningest Head Coach in Cincinnati History. He coached for more years ( 10 ) and in more games ( 117 ) than anyone else. But he also lost more games than he won with a career 53-63-1 record in Clifton. He was never able to get UC in a position to consistently challenge for Conference USA. A league that at its formation a lot of people expected Cincinnati to be near the top of on a consistent basis.

As a head coach he had two failings. 1) he could never manage to garner much support from the locals or even the media. Part of that was out of his hands and the other was his personality which was never much of a draw. 2) His method alienated his players as much as inspired them. A lot of guys from the Minter era still have bad feelings towards the university. But Minters ultimate legacy is a positive one. There is no doubt that he set the table for the current era and that is his biggest legacy at UC.

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