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Linked Up: Taking A Casual Stroll Around The Big East

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With United now up and running, it is high time to start getting some hard core cross pollination going. OK, that sounded weird, sincerest apologies. There is a site for every Big East member, so any and every subject can be viewed, and discussed in excessive detail. Here are three stories that are making waves in the Big East pond.

John Swaford decided that he has spent enough time waving his middle finger at the Big East

The fact that the ACC would even float the idea was viewed by many as an insult to the Big East when it was first floated, even if that wasn't its intent. It's natural for the ACC to explore more options north of its typical Carolina-centered choices for its tournament (the ACC Championship Game in football has also been most successful in Charlotte). Pittsburgh has reportedly submitted a bid to host the ACC Tournament once its current contract ends after the 2015 tournament. Just spitballing, I could see the tournament reasonably moving north to places like PIttsburgh, or Washington DC/Northern Virginia, or perhaps even New York/Brooklyn one day. But, the desire to move it into MSG always sounded vindictive. Personally, I'm glad to see it won't happen.

And we can all thank god for that. Meanwhle Louisville has what used to be a rivalry game coming up against Southern Miss. And that hating them is something that is acceptable after all these years

If you check a Southern Miss message board at virtually any time in the calendar year, you're likely to find at least one comment or thread in which Louisville is admonished. And honestly it's kind of hard to blame them. The Golden Eagles dominated Louisville and maintained a vastly superior program for the bulk of the rivalry period. Louisville has won five straight over USM, but still trails the all-time series 18-10-1. And yet it was U of L that got hot in the 2000's and ultimately received the opportunity to bolt for the Big East, leaving Southern Miss behind to plod along in a conference that all but guaranteed program regression. It's much easier to hold onto hatred for Louisville than to develop a newfound disdain for UAB.

Oh, its always so much fun to jump into the way, way back hate machine. No good ever comes from doing it, but it is just so damn fun. Also fun? Watching fan bases rage spiral, like USF is currently doing, and in impressive style

-- Skip, I'm Chris Cosh, your defensive coordinator. You hired me in the offseason even though I have absolutely no track record of success anywhere I've ever been. Kansas State fans were thrilled to get rid of me, and can you blame them? Look what they did without me last night against Oklahoma. Last year when I was there, the Sooners scored 58 points and gained 700 yards! Today, I ran your defense against Ball State and forced two punts! For the whole game! And we had zero turnovers, zero sacks, and zero tackles for loss. I might as well have not called plays at all! Glad I could help you out.

Oh, do the biggest disappointments lead to the greatest rhetorical flourishes or do they not?

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