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Cincinnati Bearcats Gameday Links

running down the news and previews ahead of todays contest with the Virginia Tech Hokies

Rob Leifheit-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Scott King, of Bearcats Blog fame, wants you to know about Virginia Tech. I want you to know about his bold predictions for Jameel Poteats first 100 yard game of his career. Not to mention Alex Chisum or Damon Julian notching the Bearcats first 100 receiving yard game of the season.

Bill Koch does his best impression of objectivity on this game. But I don't think Virginia Tech is as sound as they have been in the past. They are very beatable.

Gobbler Country the bare facts of today's match up from the Hokie perspective. This is a game that the Hokies need to win to set themselves up for ACC play. From their perspective entering the bulk of conference play at 3-2 would be disaster. The Key play came through with their podcast breakdown of today's game. Its good stuff if you have 25 minutes to kill.

The only real news today, at least so far, is that Virginia Tech took a hit with the news that Tony Gregory is out. Gregory is the leading rusher in last weeks contest against Bowling Green, will not make the trip to FedEx field.. The Hokies still have other weapons at running back, but none of them have the experience that Gregory had. Something to keep an eye on.

AP copy, if you are into that sort of thing. And Previews, previews, previews.