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Last Minute Bearcat Predictions For Virginia Tech

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Breakout Player

James Rapien: Anthony McClung: The junior wide receiver has starter the season relatively slow, but after 49 receptions last season, I think he gets back on track and produces in a big way for the Bearcats. However, there is a chance he may not play. He is listed as questionable according to the USA Today.

Kyle Kauffung: Bearcats quarterback Munchie Legaux is going to throw two touchdown passes and have one rushing touchdown. The 6 foot 5 junior has had two touchdown passes in each of his first two games this season... I'd be surprised if he doesn't throw for at least two touchdown passes today. Look for a continued effort by the Bearcats to get Legaux running in the open field as well.

Matt Opper: Brandon Mills. Virginia Tech has protection issues. While Mills is strictly a situational player, he is perfectly suited to come up with a big game today. Most of the attention for the Hokies offensive line will go in the general direction of Walter Stewart, wherever he lines up. Mills will get plenty of 1v1 situations, and he will capitalize.

Game Predictions

James Rapien: The Bearcats understand how important a game like this is and what a win here would do. For that reason alone, I want to pick them today. However, something tells me Frank Beamer and the Hokies are desperate and hungry for a win. The Bearcats will compete, but it won't be enough today. Virginia Tech defeats Cincinnati: 38-27

Kyle Kauffung: The Bearcats are going to defeat the Hokies 27-24. This is going to be a hard fought game on both sides, but UC's speed and athleticism will be the difference.

Matt Opper: This game will not be confused with a work of art. It will be a sloppy hard fought game. These defenses are very similar in terms of overall effect. Virginia Tech is a better all around defense, but the Bearcats are so disruptive that it will ultimately be a wash. It will come down to offense, and who can make a big play to win it. Munchie Legaux will provide just that with a long TD run, his first of the year, Bearcats win 17-10.

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