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Embracing the Tao of Munchie Legaux

Jonathan Ernst - Getty Images

Tao: A Chinese word meaning, "way", "path", or "route", or sometimes more loosely "doctrine," or "principal."

Notice that it says nothing about the path being direct. The way that Munchie Legaux plays quarterback is unlike any quarterback I have seen in a while. There are always QB's with iffy techniques, questionable throwing motions, and all sorts of unorthodox quirks. Munchie has those, all of them really, and in spades, but his issues don't prevent him from being effective. And at this point, particularly after tonight's performance, its safe to say that the "Way" Munchie Legaux is headed, is generally to the horizon of victory.

A couple of weeks we, collectively, took the notion of a Running Back by committee behind the shed with a shotgun. It did not end well for the committee. The next idea to meet its fate behind the tool shed, the idea that Brendon Kay is somehow a better fit for this team than Munchie Legaux. Its done. Its over. Anyone suggesting that Kay, or indeed anyone, is a better QB for this team has one leg left to stand on. But its made of salt. And its standing in the ocean.

Saying that is nothing against Kay, who is a great teammate, and by most accounts, a reliable leader for this team behind the scenes. But he simply cannot do what Munchie can. It is time to face the facts. Munchie Legaux will be the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bearcats for the rest of his career, barring injury, or an inexplicable drop off in performance.

That means that the time to pick apart every missed throw, and bad decision like the fate of the western world depends on the successful execution of a back shoulder fade. It doesn't. The doubters need to embrace a simple fact, Munchie is never going to be a guy who sits in the pocket and systematically pings defenses for 500 yards. Thats not who he is, nor will it ever be.

The most vocal of the Anti-Munchie Brigade are so wrapped up in critiquing his process that they forget to look at the results. That's mainly because the results, in wins and losses, in clutch plays, in general effectiveness render any process orientated arguments null and void.

Munchie Legaux is 5-1 as a starter in his first six games, with conference clinching, and possibly, program shaping wins already among the pelts on his wall. The job is his, and will be until he graduates. Those are the facts at this point, and I am fine with that. Everyone should be fine with that.

This guy just led the Bearcats on one of the best drives in UC history, certainly the best this side of Pittsburgh


You can point out that Munchie only completed 3 of 7 attempts; that he made at least one bad decision on the drive; that he wasted some time, on a drive where UC was without timeouts, by choosing to scramble in the middle of the field; or that he didn't throw the last pass to Damon Julian perfectly. But all of it misses the actual point. He won the fucking ball game. Thats what matters, and if you are a UC fan, and you want the team to keep on winning ball games its time to embrace the Tao of Munchie Legaux, on whatever route it may lead us.

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