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Welcome Back

Down The Drive returns after a brief hiatus


For those of you who have been pining (and why wouldn't you?) for the return of this blog, your wait is no more. It has been a few months, but with the blessing of Matt Opper (who hopefully will still be able to post from time to time) and the help of others behind the scenes, Down The Drive has returned to the "Blogosphere".

As for what the future holds (writers, content, etc.), that is to be determined. Just know that I/we are working on getting a number of different viewpoints and styles to cover all the bases. Obviously the more input and feedback the better this place will be for all Bearcat fans. It will take a while to get fully up and rolling again. It's been several years since I have contributed to a blog or written anything online in general. This site has a ton of new tricks that this old dog needs to get comfortable with. But if there's one thing you need not be concerned with that is my love of all things University of Cincinnati and especially UC sports. So I will do my best to provide a steady stream of content and hopefully others will as well.

For now, that is all. Kinda boring no doubt. I'm going to introduce myself formally in another post. Just wanted to quickly get something out there to re-boot Down The Drive. Please bookmark the site and come back.

Thanks for now...

Jeff Gentil