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Quick Introduction

Who is the new guy and why him?


As I stated in the first post, I'm going to give an introduction as to who I am and why I wanted to try and re-boot this blog. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible as to not bore the crap out of you.

When Matt Opper announced/tweeted in November that he was no longer going to have the time to write the blog, I immediately got it in my head that I wanted to try and take it over. I have written before for a few different sites but having young kids really limits the time I have for writing with deadlines. As much fun as I had writing for those sites, there were always deadlines and that added stress that I really struggled with in the end. I had always thought doing a blog, where I write only when I have the time and there is no stress whatsoever, would be attractive to me. So here I am.

A quick brag paragraph. Skip if you don't care what I've done in the past. I only want to at least show the readers that I have written before (not very well but I have) and that I am somewhat capable of doing this. My first foray into writing was at with Dan Clasgens. That led to covering high school football for (sister site on Rivals network). While at GSI and TSF, I also started covering UC football (and to a very lesser extent some basketball from time to time) for which was also on the Rivals network at that time. While at BCL, I was contracted to write for the now defunct Bearcat Sports Digest which UC produced. Once BSD went away, they took their contact online so I continued with them covering golf, cross country, swimming, women's basketball, and tennis for two years.

Unfortunately, after two years of that and the addition of two kiddos, my time was really running short. I had to basically cut ties to any and all writing. Until now. Lucky you, huh?

Now admittedly I tweet a bit panicky (for those who know better that may be a bit of a stretch. They may say "negative" but you can make your own determination). But, this format will allow for me to be able to take some time before I pound out something negative. I hope. If you'd like to see for yourself, my twitter handle is Jgent15. You've been warned!

OK so that's me and my illustrious history. (yes, that's sarcasm). Feel free to comment any time and if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints please don't hesitate to chime in.

Let's have fun with this and, as always, GO BEARCATS!!

Quick PS: This site will not provide insider info regarding recruiting. It's strictly for opinions. However, while I say no "insider" recruiting we are free to speculate and discuss potential players. The "on the record" info from sites like my very close friends at will stay over there to protect their valuable information. It is with their blessing that I was even afforded this opportunity to write at Down The Drive. In addition, we will not (at least I won't) purposely dog other sites like this one. We're all Bearcats so the more people we have to discuss our team the better. I hope everyone thinks that is the fair and right thing to do.