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AAC Power Rankings

Week 6. The top five isn't what I would call pretty, but it isn't hideous like the bottom five.

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Power Rankings:

1. Louisville (4-0)

Last week: bye  This week: @ Temple Noon ESPN3

2. UCF (3-1)

Last week: L 28-25 South Carolina  This week: @ Memphis 4:30pm ESPN3

3. Houston (4-0)

Last week: W 52-28 UTSA   This week: bye

4. Rutgers (3-1)

Last week: bye  This week: @ SMU  Noon ESPNews

5. Cincinnati (3-1)

Last week: bye  This week: @ USF 7pm ESPN3

6. Memphis (1-2)

Last week: bye  This week: UCF 4:30pm ESPN3

7. SMU (1-3)

Last week: L 48-17 TCU This week: Rutgers Noon ESPNews

8. UConn (0-4)

Last week: L 41-12 Buffalo  This week: bye

9. Temple (0-4)

Last week: L 26-24 Idaho  This week: Louisville Noon ESPN3

10. USF (0-4)

Last week: L 49-21 Miami  This week: Cincinnati 7pm ESPN3

When it was about 2pm last Saturday, things weren't looking too bad for the conference. SMU was tied with TCU, UCF was beating South Carolina and even future member ECU was dropping the hammer on UNC. Well, by the end of the night , South Carolina had comeback to beat the Knights, SMU had been dominated by TCU and even UConn threw its meltdown hat in the ring in a 41-12 drubbing at the hands of the MAC's Buffalo. Houston was the only American school to get a win last weekend, and that was over new-to-the-FBS UTSA.

We did find out some things this past weekend. UCF is a very quality team. They couldn't quite hold off the Gamecocks, but they are as talented as anyone in the AAC. The three guys who stand out the most for them, Bortles, Storm Johnson and Rannell Hall, all are still Juniors. Get ready for them next season, they might be the favorite.

We also found out, that USF, who is definitely one of, if not THE worst team in the conference, is also one of the worst FBS teams overall. There was a 2 yard punt and penalty for 2 guys wearing the same number on the field to help us confirm this. UC should be able to get by the Bulls fairly easily this weekend. I think we're all hoping and expecting more of an offensive output than we saw against Miami (OH).

UConn finally decided enough was enough and canned Paul Pasqualoni. I'm happy for UConn fans. They've wanted this basically since he was hired. The conference as a whole needs UConn to be good at football. This is a step in the right direction. I'm also very happy for TJ Weist, who was named the interim Head Coach at UConn. The former assistant at UC was left behind by Butch Jones when he jumped on the train to Knoxville. Nice to see him getting a chance.

My last thought: 3 of the conference games are on ESPN3 this week and 1 is on ESPNews. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  If you follow me on twitter(@MDuMont11), I've made my thoughts about ESPN3 known in a series of tirades, I'm not going to go on another one but feel free to look through those if you enjoy someone losing their mind over TV broadcast choices or are just bored.