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The Search For An Identity Continues For Bearcats and Bulls

Gamethread, leave your comments and thoughts of the action down below

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a titantic struggle between two teams at the top of their respective games. This is a game about finding consistency for both teams. UC is sitting at 3-1, but no one seems to be satisfied with what we have seen to date. That certainly makes sense considering just how high the expectations rose through August. But the Bearcats are not in the Bulls shoes.

USF is in the process of burning down their house so that a new one, with a better less fatigued foundation can be built in its place. I have no idea if they can pull the second part of that off, but the first part is going swimmingly. This is a litmus test for the Bearcats. If this team intends on contending for the conference title this is a game they have to win, and win convincingly. A trip on the struggle boat tonight might mean its time to adjust those predictions downwards. Leave your comments down below.

Go Bearcats