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Bearcat Links of the Day; Fighting Camels. Fighting, Camels; Fighting. Camels

Fighting Camels

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Breakout game puts eyes on freshman UC point guard ||

UC coach Mick Cronin said Tuesday he didn’t know if Gelawn Guyn, who has a sore right knee, will play in the Bearcats’ 7 p.m. game against the Camels. Guyn did not practice Monday because of the knee. If he’s not able to go – or if he’s limited – Troy Caupain can expect to see plenty of floor time for the second straight game.

Ready for the encore, it should be something.

Big second half sends NC Central past Campbell 62-43 || Campbell

NC Central (2-1) trailed 36-31 with 18:38 left before going on a 16-1 run that extended to 27-4. Campbell (2-2) made its first 7 three-point field goals and led by as many as 11 early on, but shot just 10.5 percent (2-19) from the floor in the second period.

Guys (and ladies) 10.5 percent shooting is aggressively not good.

Jermaine Lawrence Signing Paying Dividends For Cincinnati On The Recruiting Trail || Cincy on the Prowl

Now that Cronin had proven he could sign the best of the best at the high school level, it opened more doors for him and his assistants. Recruits, especially those in the New York City/New Jersey hot bed, took notice of the Bearcats’ success on the court in recent years. But almost as importantly was the fact that they saw one of their own, Lawrence, giving his nod of approval to Cronin’s program. It was the mentality of "Oh, this elite player thinks Cincinnati is cool, I think it’s cool too!"

That door was opened, but the dissolution of the Big East will make keeping the door open that much harder without several annual trips to the Tri State and the conference tournament in the Garden. I think this staff, Darren Savino in particular, can keep it open. But they have to work at it.


UH football: Greenberry practices, McDonald won’t have to sit vs. Cincinnati ||

Wide receiver Deontay Greenberry, who suffered a head injury last week against Louisville, went through practice and is probable for Saturday’s game against Cincinnati.

As discussed yesterday Greenberry is the straw that stirs the drink for the Cougar offense. Whether or not he can go, and at what speed will be a major plot point this week.

Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes ||

"We saw something on film that their guy would leave his feet to try and block the punt. You know, I’ve had that run against me before, I learn from other people too. A good friend of mine ran it against me at Texas Tech and their punter is still running. I have built a list of things I’ve seen other people do, and we are nothing but thieves, coaches are thieves, when you see something that looks good and that works, you write it down. I will also have the other coaches write it down, and I have our punters and kickers go to camps all over the country and ask these other guys what their best fake is, and write it down. Those guys don’t own that play, we can run it, and so it helps your team. [...]"

Who still uses the word thieves? Tommy Tuberville thats who.

Gamestory For The Last Time UC Played Houston ||

Gino Guidugli threw threw touchdowns and ran for another Saturday as the Cincinnati Bearcats extended their winning streak to three games with a 47-14 rout of Houston in a Conference USA matchup.

About three weeks after this game Houston fired Dana Dimel and hired a legendary high school coach from far off Stephenville who was then coaching the running backs for Mike Leach at Texas Tech. That coach was Art Briles. It has been a long time since these two teams played.


Head Coach Ty Neal: Building a Culture of Champions ||

"We need to change the culture and expect to win, expect to do things the right way and to put ourselves in a position to win," Neal spoke. "When guys get up in the morning, when they’re deciding to hit snooze – You try and create that culture of, ‘I’m a part of something bigger than myself. And that’s something special. I’ve got to get out of bed because I want to be a part of this.’"

Just don't interfere with the post game shenanigans, leave that alone Ty.

Videos of Interest


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