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Bearcats To Participate In Emerald Sports Classic in 2014

The new tournament will take place over thanksgiving weekend next year in Niceville, Florida.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports


The Bearcats will spend Thanksgiving weekend in 2014 playing in the Emerald Coast Classic at Northwest Florida Junior College in Niceville, Fla. They’ll play Middle Tennessee on Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving. If they win that game, they’ll play the next day against the winner of the game between Creighton and Kennedy’s Ole Miss Rebels.

It should be noted that both Creighton and Ole Miss will embark on next years season each down their best player in at least a generation. Still Creighton is more than the younger McDermott at this point, great as he is. Ole Miss has been solid under Kennedy as well. Even in relative rebuilding years for both programs this game will be a RPI top 75 game for the Bearcats.

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