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Favorite Crosstown Shootout Moments

Seriously what is this stupid thing?
Seriously what is this stupid thing?

I've been alive 41 years and have hated that team in Norwood just about the entire time.  When most of my friends were rooting for Xavier and UC in high school I was the only one holding out.  My dad went to UC, so I was UC all the way.  I'm probably one of those people who puts too much emphasis on beating Eggsavier.  I mean in all honesty it's just one game and win or lose it's not going to make the season.  But still the hatred is there.

I can't count how many games I've been to.  It's at least 10 and they've all been good, competitive games.  Most of them were clean, well except when Tu Holloway brought his act to the series.  I've seen too many heartbreaking games but I've also seen my share of UC wins.  As for favorite moments...

  • Mick's first year.  Team was garbage.  Xavier was not.  UC beat em by 10 I believe and played out of their minds in the second half.  I said going into the game that it was the game I wanted the most because Mick still wasn't a popular choice back then (and still isn't now for some people) and everyone knew UC wasn't going to be very good so losing handily to X would have been even worse.  But, Mick threw a junk defense at X and his band of JUCO refugees pulled it off.
  • Terry Nelson opened his big mouth the night before the Shootout.  He predicted something like a 20 point blowout.  Huggs ripped him a new one since as new guys Nelson, Blount, and Van Exel had no idea what the Shootout was all about.  But, UC did eventually wipe the court with Xavier and Nelson was off the hook. 
  • Last year's shootout was at US Bank (I'll save the story) and it was billed as a neutral court because both schools were given equal number of tickets.  UC's turnout dwarfed Xavier's and it was glorious.  Oh and UC won going away.  I'm hopeful for the same tomorrow night at Xavier's "home game". 
  • UC went into Cintas and drilled the Muskrats by 20.  David West got hurt (after UC was already up big) and UC rolled.  Then we got to hear the excuses about how X would have come back and won if West hadn't gotten hurt.  But Steve Logan was not going to allow that to happen. 

That honestly is about it for me.  I have WAY too many more bad memories from this game.  It kills me no doubt.  And for some reason it seems X gets out to the hot start every game and UC has to play catch-up.  They even did it last year.  UC played a miserable first half and had everyone in red and black a little antsy before backward James cramped up.  Let's hope for more of that tomorrow and another easy UC win.  Hell a UC win of any amount is the ONLY thing that matters.