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I Give

After letting it sink in for a few days, I guess we have to talk about it

Is that us I smell?
Is that us I smell?
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I don't want to. I'm still pissed. Still shocked. Steam is still coming out of my ears. The Bearcats laid a big fat egg Saturday night in what is going to be the last Shootout at US Bank Arena. When you get 10K for a "big rivalry" game the interest is waning. The only way to get the game the energy (and hostility) it apparently needs is to take it back to campus sites. So, hopefully UC fans and admins will pretend their going to see Gallagher (yes I said Gallagher in a post) and bring their plastic for when their showered with paint...and slurs...and whatever the hell else Cintas security will let pass through.

But I digress. UC got sh*tstomped Saturday. There is no other way to say it. X couldn't miss. You could say UC played terribly, which they did. But X played above their heads, out their asses, whatever you want to say to describe that performance. Hand it to them, they were unconscious from three-point range. It was almost laughable. Almost. UC's performance wasn't good. At all. The offense continues to be downright shitty. Let's not sugarcoat this. Their offense has been shitty for a few years now. And when you have ONE legitimate scorer you're screwed. And this team might just be screwed all year.

I hope everyone enjoyed Justin Jackson's great first few games, because those are long gone. No he hasn't made the Kenyon Martin senior year transformation. As Dennis Green says, he is who we thought he was: a terrible offensive player. Same goes for Titus Rubles. Outside of a layup or dunk, he's not making any shots. None. Zip. Zero. Ge'Lawn Guyn? Same. I think it's time for Troy Caupain to take over the starting point guard spot. Everyone said he was the better point guard long term and I think it's showing. He isn't making a ton of shots either but he can at least get near the hoop better than Guyn can.

I thought Shaq Thomas was better Saturday. Aside from his ridiculously awful trajectory on his jumpshot, he at least showed a little bit of spark. At least I was encouraged. Kevin Johnson did as well. He's not going to take over for Kilpatrick but he's at least earned more time in my mind.

As for the Jermaines, well I'm just not very encouraged. Lawrence looked lost. But unlike some of the people I sat near Saturday night I can at least see some ability. Sanders can't find his shot and it just keeps getting slower and slower. He brings nothing to the court right now.

Good lord just writing about this game has me pissed off all over again. As Matt Opper says, this looks like the same team as last year and they were downright MADDENING!!! They don't seem to run offense. They certainly don't MAKE many shots. The press caused some opportunities Saturday night, but you know what they did with those? Pissed em down their legs. I believe the first four loose balls went to X when the game was still (I guess) winnable. Every time UC had a chance to get a transition bucket and turn the momentum, they turned it right back over and X nailed a killer three-pointer.

It obviously wasn't in the cards for UC to win Saturday night. When backward James is making NBA threes, you should just pack up and return to campus and get ready for the next game. I think he has an NBA body, but he likely won't make another two of those all year.

Yes, I'm bitter. Yes I'm still very angry. I'm very discouraged because unless this was just one awful game I don't see how this team beats anyone who is NCAA good. I hope like hell they come out tomorrow night and prove me wrong. But Jamie Dixon is a really good coach and you can bet your ass he saw what X did to UC Saturday night and they'll be prepared. Will UC be feeling sorry for themselves and come out flat or will they show some fight (no not the literal fight)? God I hope it's the latter.