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Bearcats Lose Second Straight

Panthers Gain Revenge On Bearcats


All of a sudden, the Bearcats are a team in peril. Just one week ago they stood solidly in third place just one full game out of first in the Big East. Two frustrating losses later and they sit tied with Villanova for...ninth?!?! That's how fast your fortunes can change in this wacky conference. However, things can change back just as quickly and that's what the Bearcats need to focus on. 6-5 isn't awful. It's not great, but if they don't take care of business tomorrow night against Villanova, 6-6 is going to look pretty bad.

Everything seemed to change with one play Saturday night. And it was actually a good one. When Sean Kilpatrick ripped a steal and went for the and-one layup, it appeared everything was rosy. But on that play, SK injured his right index finger and went ice cold for the rest of the night. Obviously he's the Bearcats' most dynamic scorer and with Cashmere Wright going through his own funk, UC just doesn't have enough consistent scoring right now to beat a team like Pitt.

What this team needs badly is time to get healthy. Cash is still hurting. At least when you look at his shooting lately something seems off. SK's finger hampered his shot Saturday. Parker doesn't appear to be the same player from last year. Cheikh is limited offensively and fouls way too much on defense. Justin Jackson injured his leg Saturday and played just seven minutes. Unfortunately, rest is not on the schedule. It's time to suck it up and play Bearcat basketball.

I'm not going to even discuss what happens if they somehow lose to Villanova. It's not an option. Other players have to improve and step it up. Titus Rubles is one of those players who really has regressed lately and needs to come back out of his shell. But in the end, the stars have to be stars and get it done.