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Nowhere But Up?

In a season full of head scratching, where do these Bearcats go from here?

I think we're all wondering the same thing, Mick
I think we're all wondering the same thing, Mick
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I promised myself I would do if/when I ever blogged about the Bearcats (or any sports for that matter) was that I would do my very best not to write anything while I was emotional. Most of the time that means when the Bearcats lose I try not to have a knee-jerk post that is all over the board and I look dumber and worse of a fan than I think I am. This is why I haven't written anything until now.

I, like most Bearcat fans I would imagine, am pretty numb right now. I know there's a good team in there. I know it. I've seen them battle the best of the Big East to the horn (and overtime in a few occasions) and even knock a few of them off. I keep trying to convince myself one big win will propel them back on the course we all had them slated for back in November. My confidence is certainly waning, but until they lose to South home...on senior day...then I will keep believing they are not only headed for the NCAA Tournament but once they get there they will provide some higher seed one hell of a battle if they wish to advance.

As for Sunday in South's over. Move on. There are no words to describe that debacle. Well, Shaq Thomas showed something. Cashmere Wright? Yeesh I wasn't worried as much about his health before, but I am now.

Let's indeed move forward. Connecticut Saturday is the biggest "must win" I can ever remember UC being faced with in a few years. I'm going to assume this team finally comes out guns blazing like we've been waiting for a few weeks. I know they can do it. I think.