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Catching Up On The Bearcats

Yesterday morning was the first practice of the Tommy Tuberville era. With the start of spring comes a veritable avalanche of media information. Here is my feeble attempt to get up to speed on it all.


Perhaps the most surprsing news from the last couple of days is that the QB spot is up for grabs. Again. As much as I want to just say that this is standard operating procedure for a new coach, and it is, at least usually. Still the mere idea of Munchie starting is a bad one. Little adjustments that could have made him a dangerous starter went begging for weeks on end. At this point its hard to think that they are even correctable. Kay, while far from perfect in his decision making and execution, was good down the stretch. The thought of him being passed over for Munchie is hard to fathom.

The Cincinnati Enqirer made big decision in making Tom Groeschen the new UC football beat writer. It proved to be an inspried choice as Tom departed from the Bill Koch approach of skipping the actual practice but showing up at the end to collect quotes to fit whatever pre conceived narrative was floating around in his head. The one thing to jump out to most observers, it was much quieter than a Jones practice ever was.

Andrea Addelson of the Big East blog on ESPN had A Q&A With Coach Tubs. There is some good stuff within, but the most interesting topic is about the shape of the offense.

We’re going to be a multiple offense. We’re going to do a lot of different things. In the past they’ve been a team with one back. We’re going to have two backs, we’re going to play two tight ends some. We’ll have a different type of running formation, different types of running plays, different types of pass protection.

Its a confirmation of my general hypothosis for what Eddie Gran's scheme will look like.

CBS sports come up with their version of spring practice primer. The main question mark for this team is in a new and different place, the defensive line. So far CBS is one of few outlets to rightfully call out this issue.

The Bearcats need to replace their best pass rushers. Defense has generally been the trademark of Tuberville teams, but the Bearcats have to replace both Dan Giordano and Walter Stewart this season. Stewart missed half of the 2012 season, but Giordano was still around making life tough on quarterbacks. The defensive line will be a key area of competition this spring because of it.

Chris Bains takes a stab at the pressing questions heading into spring football. Always worth the read.

Last but not least is a massive dump of video's from the first day of practice.