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Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Makes Photobombing An Art

Go ahead, watch the viedo a dozen times. I know I have.

I don't much care for Baseball. If you follow me on twitter, or have read Down The Drive for a long time, that probably isn't a shock. I went to, maybe, two baseball games while I went to UC. That Brian Cleary was fired barely registered on my radar. But you know what does land on my radar, people doing ludicrously stupid/funny things for the camera. Until Ken Cosgrove decided that he will now deliver answers to questions only while dancing on last weeks Mad Men my favorite TV moment of the year to date was Jaquin Pheonix displaying more contempt in a flick of his head than most people can in a thousands words.

The bearcats baseball team takes it in another direction entirely. They may not win many games (under .500 since the 2010 season), their coach just got fired and they haven't won a conference title since 1995 and haven't made the NCAA tournament since 1974. But they are winning the internet today, and at this point in time that might be the most important thing.