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Bearcats Abound In Phil Steele's All American Athletic Conference Team's

Memorial day has passed, summer is more or less here, and the college football preview magazines will hit the shelves in June. It is 93 days until the Bearcats kick off against Purdue in the season opener. Phil Steel is rolling out some of the features from his magazine, including the all AAC team


First Team

OG, Austen Bujnoch

OT, Eric LeFeld

LB, Greg Blair

K, Tony Miliano

Second Team

WR, Anthony McClung

OG, Sam Longo

C, Dan Sprauge

DT, Jordan Stepp

LB, Jeff Luc

CB, Deven Drane

KR, Ralph David Abernathy IV

Third Team

LB, Nick Temple

PR, Anthony McClung

Fourth Team

QB, Brendon Kay

The only school with more players placed on Steele's four teams is Louisville who had 18 in total, though the Bearcats had more on the first two teams (11) than the Cardinals do (9).

Schools by players on the teams

Louisville 18

Cincinnati 14

Rutgers 13

Central Florida 13

Houston 12*

South Florida 10

Southern Methodist 10

Memphis 10

Connecticut 9

Temple 2

* Charles Sims is one of the Cougars on the pre season team, he is also no longer on the Houston team.

Ultimately these lists mean nothing much outside of inspiring some barroom/water cooler trash talk. But it is worth nothing that this is the most recognition that the Bearcats team has gotten from Phil Steele since moving to the Big East