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Idea For New Baseball Coach Ty Neal...

UC's new baseball coach has probably not even been on campus yet, but I have his first move: take a page out of Brian Kelly's book.

Is this third base?
Is this third base?

One of the first things Brian Kelly did once he was announced as UC's head football coach was to lure Kerry Coombs from his perch as the top football coach in the Cincinnati area to be part of his staff. Coombs obviously was well respected and knew the area, and more importantly the other coaches in the tri-state, very well. It was a brilliant move and (for the most part) worked out well for all involved.

So, why not do it again? Far too long, the local baseball talent has gone elsewhere to play their college ball. UC has had success in baseball before. It has outstanding facilities and a beautiful setting for games in Marge Schott Stadium. Let's do something bold to try to keep that talent close to home. Let's lure Moeller head baseball coach, and now two-time defending Division I state champion, Tim Held.

Is it crazy? Perhaps. Is it bold? Yeah, sure. But I'd imagine Neal knows full well the greatness of the Moeller baseball program right now. They're a machine. And they produce "ball players". Not necessarily eye-popping talent or even sure fire MLB draft picks. But they win and they win big. Why not do what you can to lure Held away from Moeller? Establish a pipeline to UC. Can't imagine a better pipeline. If nothing else, I'd imagine Held has a pretty good amount of respect not only within the city but the entire tri-state area.

I'm sure it won't happen. Hell, I'd imagine Moeller is paying Held more than UC could at this point. But, it's worth a call in my opinion. See what he says. Even if he says no, you'll have established a line of communication with arguably the best coach, and program, in the state of Ohio.