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Report: Bearcats Have A Charmin Soft Non Conference Schedule

This courtesy of Bruce Feldman the esteemed college football reporter/scholar/gentleman Bruce Feldman


Link, and the relevant quote.

The Bearcats open with consecutive games against Big Ten teams, but it's home against Purdue and then at an Illinois team that just went 2-10. After that, Cincy gets a visit from FCS Northwestern State (4-7) and from Miami of Ohio (4-8).

Here is the kicker though, none of this is really's UC's fault. The Illinois game is the return leg from the 2009 match up. When the series was made the Illini were flying high, just two years removed from their first Rose Bowl in 25 years, with a name QB in place. Inbetween the agreement and the game the Illini have bottomed out under Ron Zook and Tim Beckman.

I think the bad wrap that the Bearcats schedule is getting can be justified at this point in time, when games are 80+ days away and the only thing to make this sort of judgement is last years records. But it is my beleif that Purdue and Miami will both be markedly better teams this season, both have a chance to go bowling.

But there is one line from the piece that did catch my attention.

No team in major college football has an easier overall schedule than the [Louisville] Cards. It's doubtful they'll face a top-40 team this season, much less one in the top 25.

So basically Feldman is saying that the Bearcats non conference scheudle is cake, but that UC will still find ways to screw it up and stay well outside the rankings? Not a whole lot of logic there Feldman.