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Five Thoughts On The Preview Of Bearcats Introduction Video

Old Hat Creative are back for a second run after last years video.

1: From a distance, and with copeus quantities of hair gel, Tommy Tuberville looks very european, very german. In fact he looks shockingly similar to Juup Heynckes, retiring manager of Bayern Munich. The German look should play very well in a city that once had major streets named Muller, and Kuller.

2: Someone told Jeff Luc that jersey's are full length. I am sure this is a disapointing development for some.

3: They are trying a different approach from a purely video based intro, using more stills than in last years video. No idea how that will turn out but it is an intersting idea. But what I really want is someone to do a claymation intro video. That would go viral in a heartbeat and establish UC as the kings of the virus within the new conference.

4: I see Ralph David Abernathy IV, Jordan Stepp, Luc, Greg Blair, Austen Bujnoch, Nick Temple, Adrian Witty Anthony McClung, and Brendon Kay. Though it went so fast I am sure I missed some.

5: A little over 71 days until the Bearcats kick off against Purdue.