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Jeff Luc: Bearcats Linebacker, Manimal, Half Jersey Devotee

The biggest addition to this team is linebacker Jeff Luc, a transfer from Florida State who landed with the Bearcats last summer.

Jeff Luc has been very impressive. His pairing with returning starters Nick Temple and Greg Blair forms what is likely the best line backing core in the Big East. But reading through all the spring reports, looking at all the photo galleries and YouTube clips one thing becomes clear. Like a young Michael Barrow, Luc has a fanatical devotion to the half jersey. To wit

First Day of Pads


First Scrimmage


Last Practice Before Spring Break


Paul Brown Stadium Scrimmage


Spring Game


You have to admire the mans dedication to his ideal football jersey, which is half as big as everyone else's jersey. This is in Ohio, in March. Hardly ideal conditions to wear half a shirt. I have to say this though. If Jeff can keep this up deep into November. If he can manage to wear half a jersey in a game when it is snowing he might become one of my favorite Bearcats ever. Adherence to a principal should be admired and rewarded.