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Gaines Leaving?

Evidence the Junior center could be leaving the Bearcats is mounting


If you believe internet reports (and why wouldn't you?), Kelvin Gaines could be departing the Bearcat basketball program soon. He apparently took a visit to the University of North Texas this weekend and is looking to possibly transfer there and might be able to play immediately since he has already graduated from UC. Those details aren't established just yet.

Everyone knows UC is over their scholarship limit especially if Deshaun Morman is indeed going to qualify (more internet reports). Kelvin, while a great athlete, just hasn't clicked in his now three years at UC. The brutal Big East never allowed him to find his game and his development has been stifled. The entire situation could be a win-win. UC gets back to the scholarship limit and Kelvin - with college degree in hand - gets to play more and possibly blossom into the player Mick Cronin and his staff thought he could be at UC.

Again, this is all speculation. But, there are an awful lot of rumors about this becoming reality and very soon. Obviously, we wish Kelvin nothing but the best. Like nearly all players under Mick Cronin, he has kept his nose clean and gotten his degree, which is what you go to college for, right? Right????