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United States Beats Sweden 83-65, Australia Up Next

The United States looked sluggish throughout the first half but pushed the lead to more comfortable territory in the second half.

It was not the most impactful of games for everyones favorite Bearcat, Sean Kilpatrick. Just 1 point on 0 for 5 shooting in 19 minutes. His shot has seemed slightly off since the opener. He is not along in that though, the shooting from deep has fallen off for just about everyone on the team. Against U.A.E. the Stars and Stripes shot 38 per cent from deep. Against the Czechs it was 19 per cent, and finally 27 per cent against the Swedes. Not great. Part of that is the competition getting better each game, which it certainly has.

The Ausies are up next, and they are coming off a loss to Canada, their first of the tournament. They can not make the medal rounds without beating the US, so the intensity should be ratcheted up, way up.

Win Loss Points For Points Against Point Differential Points
United States 3 - 319 164 +155 6
Canada 3 - 313 195 +118 6
Australia 2 1 238 202 +36 5
Czech Republic 1 2 210 235 -25 4
Sweden - 3 187 220 -33 3
United Arab Emirates - 3 143 377 -234 3