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Two Cincinnati Bearcats Offensive Linemen Injured At Higher Ground

Starting Center Dan Sprague and back up guard Kevin Schloemer both picked up injures during the first of two practices today. The status of either player is currently unknown.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

"Those happen, unfortunately. Hopefully they’re not too serious, where they’re not out. That’s the reason you have 85 on your team. You practice, and you’ve got guys that have to step up and do as well."

Tommy Tuberville

The knock to Sprague is the more pressing of the two injuries, though both are obviously unfortunate. If the injury turns out to be more serious and Sprauge winds up missing any action the next man up is a red-shirt freshman, Deyshanwn Bond. Bond has progressed rapidly for just a second year player, and he is firmly entrenched as  the number two center. But freshmen are always risky, particularly up front.

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