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New Bloggers

DTD has added some new bloggers to make the site even more awesome

As you may have seen, Matt DuMont has already posted his first entry yesterday.  He's one of at least four (yes FOUR!!) new writers here at Down The Drive.  The other guys will introduce themselves in due time, but with the season beginning (thankfully) in just 10 days we're gearing up for yet another year of great Bearcats football.

As the resident slacker, I certainly welcome any and all angles and opinions that should cover every aspect of our beloved Bearcats.  The more chatter the better.  Well, as long as it is reasonable and you're not just trying to stir stuff up we welcome as much discussion about UC as possible.

Let's get this season rolling!  It seems like a decade since Tommy Tuberville was hired as the new coach.  I'm extremely excited to see what kind of football he brings to Clifton.