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Good News On The Morman Front?

No official announcement from UC, but it appears as if there is some good news to share

Here we see Morman doing "Down The Drive".  We'll work on the arms later
Here we see Morman doing "Down The Drive". We'll work on the arms later

Deshaun Morman was a risky signing from day one.  The UC basketball staff pushed him hard to sign early because they figured they needed all the time they could to get him eligible for his freshman season.  Well, after taking care of some summer course work, it appears as if Morman might just indeed be eligible for the 2013-2014 season.

There has been no official word from UC yet, and there might not need to be, but if you follow twitter, Chad Brendel from Bearcat Journal tweeted this morning

Hearing that freshman Deshaun Morman has been ruled eligible for this season. Big news.

Obviously, with Jamaree Strickland apparently going through the same issues in an effort to gain freshman eligibility, one obstacle cleared is great news.  Morman is expected to battle for playing time immediately and may have the most versatility of the incoming freshmen.

On the Strickland front, no word on his eligibility but Brendel also tweeted this right before the Morman news

Deshaun Morman and Jamaree Strickland are both starting classes today at . Not out of the woods yet, but in class and on scholarship.

At least Strickland is on campus and in classes.  I guess the NCAA Clearinghouse is the next hurdle...and we will get an official answer from them around March with the way they operate.

Either way, Morman is great news.  Cross your fingers for Strickland.