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Munchie Gonna Munchie; The Bearcats Win But Quarterback Questions Remain

No one expected Munchie Legaux to get the start today against Purdue, myself included. He put all of his wares on display, from his occasionally baffling decision making to the random perfect throw with no rhyme or reason. No one really knows how long his leash is, or what the deal with Brendon Kay is. But there is more unease than you usually get in the aftermath of a 42-7 win.

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It all comes back to the past. Fairly or unfairly Munchie Legaux is going to be graded on a much steeper curve than Brendon Kay is. Not with the new coaching staff, obviously, but with the fans who packed Nippert Stadium today. The groan was audible on Munchie's first interception, which looked like many of his interceptions from a year ago, a pass that came off his hand with a very low trajectory, tipped by one defensive end, caught by the defensive tackle. Really it was a carbon copy of his interception from a year ago against Virginia Tech. With that play twitter erupted with vitriol, the message boards got lit, and a meme was coined.


#MunchieGonnaMunchie indeed. But after that initial mistake Munchie was fine. He wasn't great, but he was fine. UC can win alot of games with the QB playing fine with this defense. All he has to do is limit his mistakes, which he did for the most part, outside of one terrible decision and a tipped pass. His mechanics are still wonky, but he has noticeably shortened his release and improved his footwork. He is more accurate than before, even if his decision making is head scratching.

What no one knows is the actual state of Brendon Kay. Everything I have heard suggests that he is perfectly healthy, and he looked it the one time he was allowed to uncork a deep pass. But Munchie drew the start, played the majority of the snaps. I still think the ceiling of this team is higher with Kay, and Eddie Gran has to know that.

There is a groundswell of support for someone other than Munchie Legaux to start, and it’s not going anywhere. There is a sizable portion of the UC fanbase that places the blame for the losses to Toledo and Louisville on Munchie, and Munchie alone. That is patently absurd, single players don't win or lose game in all but the most remarkable performances. But those who believe it do so to their very core.

I get that, after all Munchie started last year in similarly thrilling fashion only to slowly melt down in October. But Munchie feels different this year. All of the components are still the same, but they come together in a way that is undeniably different. Munchie Gonna Munchie.

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