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Cincinnati Bearcats At Miami Gameday Links

Getting you up to speed on the game for your morning tailgate.

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Linebackers looking to return to the forefront || Enquirer

"There were a lot of missed tackles we had in the first three games," he said. "I have to push my guys more. We have to get better as a whole, in a lot of aspects of the defense. We’ll be good."

RedHawks take on UC in Battle for Victory Bell || The Miami Student

"We’re excited, nothing can replace game day atmosphere," Treadwell said. "We accomplished things in the bye week, fundamentals. This week we did more schematics, that type of thing. And then you’ve got the adrenaline back, add in the fact that it’s at home and it just happens to be UC."

Miami eager for another shot at Cincinnati || Dayton Daily News

John Anevsi admits that he and his fellow seniors probably have a chip the size of a sequoia on their collective shoulders when it comes to the annual battle for the Victory Bell, which hasn’t been seen in Oxford since a 44-16 win over Cincinnati in 2005.

Know Your Opponent: Miami Redhawks || Bearcats Blog

I don't expect a great game tomorrow. Cincinnati should romp. I would love to see RDA get over 100 yards. I would love to see Hosey get over 100 as well. 300 rushing yards could be in play tomorrow. It's going to be a fun game for us to watch. Not so much for Miami fans.

It’s Time To Revise The Cincinnati-Miami (OH) Series || Bearcats Nation

Overall, this can’t be a home-and-home series going forward. Whatever UC athletic director Whit Babcock needs to do to make it happen, he must make this at least a 2-for-1 deal in Cincinnati’s favor in which at least 2 out of every 3 games are played at Nippert Stadium. Whether that third game is staged at a neutral site in one of the NFL stadiums in the surrounding area, including Paul Brown Stadium, I don’t really care. But the fanbase, the financials, and hopefully the coaches are staring at Babcock right in the face telling him that changes must be made.

A Look at Victory Bell Streaks || Bearcats Blog
Its not a pretty picture

Miami RedHawks vs Cincinnati Bearcats Preview || Hustle Belt

Gameplan: UC vs. Miami || Enquirer

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