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Driver From Cincinnati Crash Dies, Javon Harrison Released From Hospital

The crash that claimed the life of Cincinnati's Ben Flick has also taken the life of Flick's best friend, and the driver of the vehicle, Sean VanDyne a Miami University student.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the statement from the Van Dyne family.

"Words cannot express the sense of sorrow at the unimaginable tragic loss of our son. My heart breaks for all the boys and their families, especially Ben’s (Flick). He and Sean were best friends since the 2nd grade, they were like brothers. They remain in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time."

The Van Dyne's are asking prayers and privacy, both of which we will give in this space. This is a tragedy beyond words, one that I am ill equipped to handle. Two families were robbed of their son's, and with Van Dyne's passing a young wife has been robbed of her husband. At this point the loss is all that matters, there will be a time and a place to discuss the cause of the loss. But this is certainly not that time, and this will never be that place.

This is a site that is devoted to covering the most trivial of events with a seriousness that they probably don't deserve. When genuine tragedy strikes I am at a loss for words. When words fail me I am silent. Rather than wildly speculating or reporting rumors I make the choice not to say anything. You can disagree with that choice, but it won't be changed through that disagreement.

The only good news at the moment is that Javon Harrison has been released from the UC medical center. Harrison sent this tweet out last night

He also showed up on his teammate Chris Burton's instagram feed last night. Mark Barr remains in critical condition at the UC Medical Center according to a hospital spokesperson. Barr obviously remains in all our thoughts and prayers.

Lastly I would like everyone to know how much support the UC athletic department has given the families of those involved in this tragedy. Whit Babcock and has staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the families of Flick, Harrison and Barr.

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