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Bearcats Move Up In Coaches and AP Poll, Still On The Outside

This being for the people who care about polls, a club of which I am a member and advocate.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

In the coaches poll the Bearcats are slotted in at 32nd, in the AP it’s 31st. Barring an abnormally catastrophic weekend, and assuming the Bearcats beat Illinois, UC will probably still be on the outside looking in with the polls. What’s new though, September has never really been the Bearcats month to get ranked. UC has been ranked for a total of 41 weeks, only 6 of them have been in September.

The fact that UC is playing a name school in Illinois, on the road, on national TV will give the Bearcats a chance to goose their ranking a little bit this week. Still, I find it hard to think that UC will find themselves ranked before the end of the month unless there is massive upheaval at the back end of the polls. A natural rate of attrition would see UC move into the polls at the beginning of October.

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