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72 Snaps Is Not A Lot For The Cincinnati Bearcats

That is the message that came through to me from yesterday's media days. Not just in Tommy Tuberville's press conference, but in the players media outings at well.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The most important nugget was buried in an AP report re run on ESPN under the headline of what else, the Quarterback position. It was about one of my favorite topics, from Brendon Kay.

"It definitely was slower than we're used to. At the same time, it was 120 degrees on the field so we couldn't go out there and run fast tempo the whole time."

Which raises an interesting question about this team moving forward into the rest of the season. If 72 snaps is the low end of the spectrum, where is the top end? 80 plays, 85 plays? One thing is for certain, the Bearcats have the depth to push the pace as fast as they need to. UC rotated 8 offensive linemen through the first team, played 12 defensive linemen and have a seemingly endless supply of running backs and receivers to rotate through. With this many guys capable of contributing it would be a waste to try to grind out 60 snap games by running and playing ball control offense. Put the pedal to the metal Eddie.

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