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Fun With Stats; The Takeaways From The Bearcats First Game

This year I am charting all of the Bearcats games in association with Football Study Halls charting project. That means that I will have all sorts of new and interesting takeaways from the Bearcats games this year.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It's All About The YAC; Part 1

When Tommy Tuberville got the job at Cincinnati everyone assumed that he would be bringing the same slow, plodding and physical ground based attack that he has had at every stop along the way, save Texas Tech. It is still far too early to make any broad ranging points about the offense. But, the indications are that the Bearcats are going to be playing at a much faster than anticipated clip. But the physicality will be there. Tion Green, Hosey Williams and Rod Moore ran for a combined 112 yards, 32 of those yards came after contact. That is a figure that is only going to increase as Rod Moore and Tion Green become more integrated into the offense and start siphoning carries from Ralph David Abernathy IV who is tough as hell, but not meant for picking up yards after contact.

It's All About The YAC; Part 2

The Purdue game being the first of the year against, as it turned out, a completely over matched opponent there wasn't a lot of expectations from the passing game. This wasn't the game to take aim and fire at an over matched secondary. In part because the secondary for Purdue wasn't over matched, it was the linebackers that were. The Bearcats attacked liberally in that zone of the field, with a great deal of success. Munchie Legaux was 5 of 6 for 85 yards with a TD and an INT on throws between 10 and 20 yards.

Spreading It Around

Munchie and Brendon Kay combined to hit 12 different receivers with passes. That is a stat that you have probably seen published somewhere, or mentioned on a radio program. But here is the more interesting stat. Every receiver that was targeted against Purdue caught at least one pass. I have spent a lot of time pouring through box scores and I can say that games in which everyone targeted caught at least one ball are really rare. You might find one in two seasons worth of games.

Small Sample Size Stat Of The Week

Brendon Kay has a passer rating of 524.8 on throws that travel at least 40 yards in the air. The theoretical limit of the college passer rating system is 1,261.6. To reach that every pass a QB throws has to be a 99 yard TD. Kay got a little bit over 45 per cent of the way. Not bad for a single throw.

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