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Cincinnati and Boise State Agree To Football Home and Home

A matchup between two of the marquee group of five schools is slated for 2019 and 2020. The 2019 contest will be on the smurf turf while the return game in 2020 will be at Nippert Stadium

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is surely the second match up that Whit Babcock mentioned when the home and home with Miami was announced.

Obviously the date of this was shifted backwards at some point in the negotiations, which makes sense. If the Bearcats schedule next year is any indication Whit is trying to get two bigger name opponents every year in the non conference.

  • 2014 -- at Miami (FL), at Ohio State
  • 2015 -- vs Miami (FL), at BYU
  • 2016 -- at Purdue, vs BYU
  • 2020 -- at Nebraska, vs Boise State

If the two power schools a year trend is to be the prevailing strategy the Bearcats have a couple more matchups to go get. UC is at Michigan in 2017, with the only other scheduled match up being Miami. Outside of the Redhawks and one with Ohio the Bearcats are blank in 2018 as well. They have the Bronco's in 2019, but that is the only matchup on the books currently.

The thing to keep in mind with the Bearcats scheduling going forward is the shape the playoff committee takes, and what criteria they consider in their deliberations. If strength of schedule is a major component of the system the Bearcats become a very attractive option in the non conference for the power schools. Getting big games will always be challenging for UC, getting return games in particular. But I tend to like the way scheduling is going under Whit Babcock.