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Mick Cronin's Last Media Chat Before the Season Tips Off

He delves into the secrets behind pummeling St. Francis (PA) on Friday night. Oh - and what it would take for him to retire from coaching and enter the broadcasting world.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin started his media session off with a poignant quote on Wednesday when asked about Friday night's season opener: "The coach's nervous; the guys are excited."

Fair assessment for a team that welcomes 7 newcomers to its roster, but I can't imagine Cronin's losing sleep at night over the Bearcats first opponent, St. Francis (more on them in a future post)...

Anyway, here are the highlights of his media Q&A:

  • When Cronin can eat a full meal before a season tips-off, he'll go into broadcasting. Sounds like he's enjoying the pre-season jitters for now, though.
  • St. Francis might return more impact players than anyone else the 'Cats face this year.
  • Cronin was hesitant to put a label on this year's team after watching the first two exhibitions.
  • Needs to get this team's mind on defense and rebounding (stop me if you've heard this before).
  • When asked about experimenting with roster lineups, Cronin said, "Friday night it's time to win." And he wouldn't tip his hand to St. Francis ahead of time on the starting lineup.
  • Specifically said he "loves Deshaun Morman." Sounds like all is well on that front.
  • Coreontae DeBerry was spotted shooting post-practice jumpers during Cronin's interview.
  • And Quadri Moore shot free throws in the background during the entire 10 minute interview.