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Cincinnati and Ole Miss Battle For The Emerald Coast Classic Title

The dominant storyline is obviously the meeting of Andy Kennedy playing the coach who replaced him in Mick Cronin.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

But there is more to this game than that. Its about the continued growth of the Bearcats who are slowly but surely transforming themselves into a formidable team on both ends of the floor. The Bearcats defense has been a constant on this young season, the offense has been very much a work in progress. But they are coming off what is, by far, their best offensive performance of this young season.

Will we see the same continued growth that the Bearcats have shown over the last week, or will UC revert to the indecisive form of the first few games of the year? That question is very much undecided. UC will need a better outing from Octavius Ellis, as Justin rightly pointed out in his post earlier this morning. Ellis was a non factor on the offensive end (he is always a factor on the defensive end), that's can't be the case against an Ole Miss team that has good size.

This game isn't as big as some of the ones that will come in December, nor is it likely to have major post season implications for UC, win or lose. But it sure would be nice to knock off AK and shut up the three remaining Bearcat fans who think that still think that Kennedy should have gotten the job over Mick.